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A Change in Mind - A Change in Mind
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Client Testimonial

I approached Maria when I felt that I could no longer cope with being 'perfect' to everyone.

I wanted to stop worrying so much about others and start to concentrate on getting my own life in order. I was very apprehensive - how could hypnotism and talking solve problems that to me appeared to be created outwith my control?  I was pleasantly surprised. 

I will be honest I came away from my first session feeling emotionally drained, although slightly relieved, but thinking there was no way way on this earth I had been hypnotised!!  But over the coming weeks, subtle but noticeable changes occured- noticed by my husband, not just me. 

I was beginning to concentrate on me-where previously I was bottom of my own important list! It did not happen overnight, but positive changes did happen. 

After a few more sessions, and using Maria's hypnotic CD at home, I can honestly say I am a changed person.  I have come to the realisation that I cannot solve things outwith my control, and I no longer try to. 

Maria has uncovered an inner confidence in me- I have successfully gone on to fulfil a personal dream of setting up my own business helping others in a way that I do best.  I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I could not have done this without Maria's help.  She has shown me what has been hidden deep inside me for  long time - trying very hard to escape - but suppressed by numerous issues, that one by one have been dealt with as a result of my new found optimism and determination.  I cannot thank Maria enough and frequently recommend her services to others.

Donna Barrowman



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