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Social Anxiety

There can be few people who have not experienced some degree of anxiety or slight discomfort when anticipating a new social or work situation. It might be meeting new people at a party or dinner, or it may be something work- related such as an interview or joining a new team. This is normal and usually manageable with a little positive self-talk and the knowledge that you have survived such situations intact in the past.

However for a disturbingly large group of people, estimated at around 10 per cent of the population, this becomes a disabling and utterly overwhelming block to fully participating in and enjoying life. This is Social Anxiety at its debilitating worse.

In between, there are many degrees of social anxiety which take many different forms, some of which cause serious distress to the sufferer. Unlike the person who is totally overwhelmed by their anxiety, this group find ways to get on with life but at a very high cost. Stress levels run high in everyday situations and there is a constant feeling of dread at the thought of having to somehow get through it all again.

The very idea of entering a room filled with people can cause near panic, with thoughts running wild about how everyone will be looking, judging, talking about you. You may well be quite comfortable in your own home or work place but anywhere new can bring all manner of physical symptoms and troublesome thoughts. Blushing, trembling, rapid heartbeat, nausea, dizziness are all symptoms of the stress the body is placed under by the cycle of panic driven thoughts.

This is usually an outward sign of an inner lack of self-belief, self-confidence. It is possible for someone to be confident in one situation and not in another which can be quite bewildering for the sufferer and their friends. Often people learn to “pretend” confidence but inside they are churning up. Once again the cost to the individual is high in terms of stress levels. The outwardly confident public speaker who has just been quietly sick in the toilet before taking the stage is a case in point. The life and soul of the party who has consumed a few quick drinks before arrival is another example. In some ways this is even more isolating and stressful because it is a problem which remains unshared and hidden.

With the techniques of hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT, a new sense of inner peace and self-belief can be reached. It is no longer necessary to pretend confidence. You are confident. You are back in control of your life and no longer defined or constrained by your fears. For some it will come surprisingly quickly; for others it will take longer, requiring more self-insight and observation, but with consistent work, the change will come. The sooner you start, the sooner you will find relief. 

This problem is created by the mind. With access to the unconscious and the willingness to explore, the mind will create the solution.

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