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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks have a devastating impact on the life of the sufferer. They have an initial trigger which may be physical or psychological. The body responds to the fear signal in the brain by producing the adrenaline surge we call the flight/fright syndrome. In a panic attack, the response creates symptoms in the body which the logical, analytical mind interprets as something catastrophic such as a heart attack or a stroke. This causes yet more production of adrenaline, disrupts the normal breathing pattern and leads to even worse physical symptoms.

The next time the brain encounters a situation which it associates, however indirectly, with the circumstances or trigger of the first panic attack, it remembers its response and repeats the reaction. Gradually a whole series of triggers become associated with the panic response and suddenly life is out of control. Welcome to the world of neural pathways and patterns.

The good news is that what the mind creates, the mind can uncreate. That is where the mental tool box of techniques from Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT come into their own. Just as your mind has come to misinterpret signals and create panic, it can be reprogrammed to change those responses.

On average it takes three sessions to either remove or substantially alleviate the symptoms of panic attacks. You will be given your own custom designed hypnotic recording to reinforce the progress you are making. There will also be an EFT process, used by many doctors and mental health practitioners throughout the world with astonishing results. You may have seen it demonstrated on phobias by Paul McKenna. Once you learn this process, you can use it as self-help for almost any challenge you face in your life.

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