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Smoking is a killer. We all know family or friends who have died prematurely from smoking related illness. You know it and I know it, so I am not going to beat you over the head with the facts. Lots of other people and organisations have already done that. You would not be here reading this if you had not already made the decision to stop. What you need is support, reinforcement and practical help. Now take the next step and set up an appointment. 

For those of you searching for help for friends, encourage them to contact me. The decision has to come from inside the person who is intent on becoming a non-smoker. You cannot love them into the correct frame of mind and you certainly cannot scare them into it. I offer a three session option for those who have not yet made the decision to stop. It is a mental preparation for making that decision and deciding when they are going to stop. This is a deep rooted habit and it can take time to dig out those roots.

Hypnotherapy has a well documented and well deserved reputation for succeeding in supporting smoking cessation.
Combined with the fast change techniques of NLP ( as used by Paul McKenna on television and in his private practice) and EFT, described as acupunture without needles, it may help the client to call upon their own inner reserves to stop smoking.


It is never too late to stop smoking. I have seen clients who have smoked 40 a day for 30 years stop immediately. I have also seen others who struggled but won through because they used the tools I gave them consistently. Not everyone succeeds but only because they give up on giving up and the work that it takes to reinforce the changes that take place under hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is a co-operative process. I cannot make you do anything you do not want to, but I can reinforce the decision you have made and give your unconscious mind powerful suggestions for permanent change. You don't have to have a belief in hypnosis; you don't have to think you can be hypnotised. You don't even have to believe that you can stop. Some of the most successful clients I have are the sceptics. You just have to suspend disbelief long enough to sit in a comfortable reclining chair for two hours and listen. 

All of my clients are given a cd which they listen to for a month after the session. This supports them in anchoring the changes that have made them non-smokers. It is deeply relaxing and most clients find that it helps them sleep deeply when they listen at bedtime. This is included in the cost of the session. You also leave with a sheet of tips to help you through those first days as a non-smoker.

The cost of a two hour smoking cessation session is £90 inclusive of your cd. This is for those who want to stop smoking immediately and are ready to do that right now.


The cost of a three session Preparation for Smoking Cessation is £180 and includes a different cd for each session. This is for those who prefer a more gradual approach and feel they need more help in readying themselves for the final quit day.

                        Contact: Maria Doherty - 01698 458670



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