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Chocolate Addiction
Chocolate Addiction

For most people, chocolate is an occasional or regular pleasure. They eat it in moderate quantities, occasionally over-indulging, enjoy it and suffer no ill effects, feelings of guilt or weight gain.

For some people, chocolate becomes almost addictive. They don't know when or how to stop. It is almost as though the chocolate had hypnotised them and in their trance, they are compelled to eat. Afterwards, there are feelings of guilt, disgust and sometimes even despair and self-loathing.

The good news is that you can be helped. In two or three sessions of deeply relaxed hypnosis, you can reprogramme your mind to enjoy a little a lot and so take back control of your mind and your body. I also use the powerful techniques of NLP and EFT to create these changes.

An example of an impromptu session of EFT can be found here:


While it is debateable whether chocolate addiction is a true addiction, the distinction really does not matter to the woman tearing the house apart at three in the morning looking for her hidden stash, or the man consuming three large bars of Cadbury's Fruit and Nut in the car on the way back from work.

The truth is that we look to certain foods for comfort and chocolate is top of the list for most people. When we turn and face what it is we need comfort for and find other healthier ways of dealing with it, we can let go of the need for comfort foods.

I once left a favourite chocolate sitting on my desk for over a year, just to demonstrate to myself that this really works. I had absolutely no urge to eat it. Mind you, by the end of the year, it wouldn't have been safe to eat anymore!!!

Our initial session lasts two hours and is charged at £80. Additional sessions last around one hour and are charged at £40. Payment is by cheque or cash at the session or if your prefer to pay by credit card, I use Pay Pal to invoice you in advance. There is a £3 charge for this to cover the cost of the service.

So email me at achangeinmind@blueyonder.co.uk or call me on  0169... if you want to make chocolate a pleasant dream instead of a nightmare.

Do it before you eat the children's chocolate Easter Eggs and have to replace them again. You know who you are. 

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