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Stress Relief
Stress Relief

Cold winds blowing

Stress levels rising

Time to relax and let go

Drift into hypnotic dreams

Afloat in peace and calm


In our troubled times, stress levels rise. The constant bombardment of doom and gloom sucks the joy from our lives, even when there is much to be happy about.

When we are stressed, we become less able to take the actions necessary to safeguard our own way of living and be the support we want to be to our own families, colleagues and friends.

Stress is the great deceiver. It creates the illusion of helplessness, of being out of control, spinning in a whirlpool of confusion and anxiety.

Stress paralyses the rational thinking brain and reduces us to the level of primitive fear based reaction instead of cool considered focused action.

Stress raises cortisol levels in the body, accelerating the deterioration of the body at all levels.

Stress turns calm, caring people into angry, impatient, bad tempered monsters.

The good news is that there is good news.

Hypnotherapy takes you into a state of profound relaxation where a new state of balance can be found, rational thinking can be restored and your ability to cope with everyday life is strengthened.

Come along for a one hour taster session and go away feeling calm, peaceful and better able to deal with whatever challenges life presents. You leave with your choice of a relaxation cd either for night or day listening, included in the fee of £40.

Book a series of sessions to give you a powerful new resilience and confidence. Many clients make regular monthly sessions an essential part of their ongoing self-care.

Give a loved one the unique gift of a peaceful oasis of the mind. A personal gift card is available on request for a very special gift.

Call or email to arrange an appointment. Early morning appointments are available from 7am for those who want to benefit from a relaxing start to the day. 

Are children adding to your stress through poor sleeping habits ? Time to call my friend Donna Barrowman otherwise known as SuperMammy

Donna has a wonderful reputation for settling little ones into a regular sleep pattern.


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