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A Change in Mind - A Change in Mind
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Distance Therapy

I have worked successfully with clients as far away as the United States, India and Australia without ever seeing them face to face.

“Maria is one of those rare human beings who can reach across the miles and heal with just her warmth. There have been several occasions on which I have had the privilege to be on the receiving end of Maria's words of wisdom. Her professionalism augments her regard for fellow human beings and I treasure my association with Maria.” May 18, 2008

Deepak Morris, Communication Consultant, Self-employed

It is not always convenient or even possible to come to the office. Distance may be a factor or indeed the nature of your condition. Some people simply prefer to maintain the privacy that distance lends them.

Whatever your reason, we can work together and make the changes you wish to see in your life.

Provided you have a telephone or Skype, access to something which will play a cd or an mp3 file, and an hour or so of uninterrupted time to work directly with me, then we can set about making those important changes.

After we have spoken or indeed emailed if you prefer, I create a custom hypnotic recording specifically designed to facilitate the shifts in mind that are required. This can be burnt to disc and posted to you or it can be sent by download link on the internet, as an mp3 file, and either burned to disc by you or loaded directly onto your player. It can then be listened to at a time which suits you and in the privacy of your own home.

We then make a further appointment, phone or email, to review the impact of the recording. Depending on your progress, we may have several further session with revised recordings or it may only take one session depending on the nature of the challenge.

EFT sessions are easily delivered over the telephone and if that is not possible, I have an e course on most of the major issues for which this would be used. This is tailored to your individual needs and will include a recording for you to follow along as you tap.

Review sessions can be carried our by telephone or by email.

Please contact me at achangeinmind@blueyonder.co.uk or by telephone at 01698-458670 to discuss your options and requirements.

“Maria is a perfect blend of powerful intuition and common business (and life) sense. She helps people get unstuck with incredible compassion and dare I say LOVE. She is an asset to any team.” July 27, 2006

Maria Salomao-Schmidt, Owner, Brick House Realty

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