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I came to explore the world of IBS sufferers through the journey we made with our son over several years until his eventual diagnosis with IBS.

In the course of this journey we discovered hypnotherapy as a very valuable tool in controlling the worst of the symptoms. This lead me to Michael Mahoney, recognised internationally as the pioneer and expert in the field of hypnotherapy and gut related disorders.

I completed my certification in IBS remediation with Michael in 2005 and since then I have had success with long term sufferers, including my son. I am a member of the UK Register of IBS Therapists.

The following was sent to me by a former client who had completed their course of remedial sessions and who was now going through a very difficult and traumatic time which would normally have caused the IBS symptoms to flare up.

"My tummy surprisingly behaved very well through all of it and I can't even recall when I had a serious cramp the last time. I am careful what I am eating and try to relax as much as possible whenever possible."

This is no quick fix and takes the committment to come to the practice for a minimum of six sessions of around 1 hour over a period of approximately six months with, roughly 3-4 weeks apart. You are provided with a series of Hypnotic Recordings, available as cd or as an mp3 download which should be listened to every day. Some cases take a little longer to respond and others respond more rapidly as a recent client reported after our first session.

"I have had 11 days completely free from any symptoms after our session together."

The initial session takes 2 hours with a full case history taken before the first hypnotic session. This is charged at a cost of £80. Subsequent sessions take between 60 and 90 minutes and are charged at £40 per session.This is spread over a six month period and is paid for at each session, not all at once. Discounts are given to those on reduced incomes, in receipt of benefits.

Information on Food Intolerance Testing, Food Combining and a supplement we have found to be very helpful is also given at the initial session.

A Change In Mind

IBS Remedial Therapist in Hamilton, Lanarkshire

UK Register of IBS Therapists

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