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What is Reiki?

Pronounced Ray key

Reiki has to be experienced to be understood. The word itself means Universal Life Energy. The entire universe is made up of energy and that energy is common to all matter. It is how those particles of energy move and how they hold together that determines whether an object is differentiated as a stone or a human being. How this happens is not the concern of the Reiki practitioner.

Reiki does not require any belief to work. You may not believe in the Law of Gravity or understand it, but an apple falling from a tree always hits the ground. It is only through your own personal experience of the energy that you will gain an understanding of it. The role of the Reiki practitioner is to simply to act as a conductor of that energy.

The history of Reiki

The founder of Reiki was Mikao Usui who came from the same spiritual lineage as such modern energy based practices as Tai Chi and most martial arts. It is a method of connecting to the life energy to bring balance at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The results of Reiki are never predictable and no promises are made about its outcome. That it does have an effect is witnessed by the stories of many whose lives have been altered for the better through its practice. We do not know how it works but these are some of the results that have been claimed.

Personal Experience of Reiki

Maria Doherty came to Reiki out of pain and desperation. Her hip and knee had become so painful that she was afraid for her mobility. Conventional treatment had not created any improvement. A friend suggested Reiki and the pain had gone after five treatments. Six weeks after starting Reiki, she was skiing all day for a week, something she thought she would never do again. Not only did the pain diminish after each treatment, but she found the experience created peace and calm even in the most challenging circumstances. It was for this reason that she went on to study Reiki and become a Reiki Master. 

Don't stop any medical treatment

No one claims that Reiki is a cure for any medical condition. It is never a substitute for proper medical consultation and you will be advised to continue with whatever treatment has been indicated for you by your medical practitoner. Medication must never be stopped without consulting your doctor first, even if you are feeling better. Do keep your doctor informed of any changes which take place.

How does it work?

What Reiki may do is to support the body's natural healing processes in conjunction with whatever medical care has been prescribed. A positive attitude of mind has been shown to help in physical healing and Reiki will certainly help you feel calmer, more centred and more empowered.

Some benefits others have experienced

There is a feeling of deep relaxation, profound peace and sometimes a connection to a wonderful sensation of happiness and joy

Tension dissolves and stress is released

Every day life becomes more balanced

Thoughts takes on greater clarity and concentration is improved

Meditation practices become deeper

Positive thinking is more natural and easier to access

Personal growth is accelerated

The world may not change but your view of it becomes calmer and more peaceful

A Reiki Treatment

There will be an initial conversation about your expectations of Reiki. There will be some questions about your medical history and current medications. The practitioner will give you a full explanation of the process, during which you are encouraged to ask any questions which may be on your mind.

You can then decide whether you wish to be treated while lying on the treatment couch or sitting up on a chair. You will be fully clothed throughout as no removal of clothing is required. The practitioner will rest their hands on various areas of your body or just above without physical contact. Should you wish to have no physical contact that will be respected at all time. Peaceful music will play in the background and relaxing essential oils may be in the air around you, according to your needs. No oils will be placed on your skin. The whole process will take between 60 and 90 minutes.

What you might feel

The sensations felt during treatment vary considerably both from client to client and from treatment to treatment. There may be sensations of cold, heat, tingling, waves of energy, feelings of movement within and around you, strong emotional surges, dream like visions, awareness of strong colours even although your eyes are closed. There may be nothing at all other than a feeling of relaxation. Reiki works regardless of what you feel or don't feel.  

What does it cost?

An initial session is charged at £50 and subsequent sessions are £40. They last between 60 and 90 minutes. A series of sessions booked and paid for in advance will be discounted by 10%. Payment is by cash or cheque although credit or debit card facilities may be available at special request but a fee covering the cost to the practitioner will apply.

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